Laser Lab Studio is a boutique Design and Laser Engraving Studio.

At Laser Lab Studio, We:

- Work mainly in 1/4" and 1/8" Wood and Acrylic + non-toxic materials on request.

- Engrave on Tumblers (Yeti/Polar Camel etc.)

- Specialize in the details.

- Offer products and signage ranging in sizes from very tiny to medium/large and modular.

- Offer engraving partnerships with businesses interested in offering customization/personalization for their clients.

We help you realize your ideas,  increase brand awareness and add value to your products and gifts! 

Interested in working with Laser Lab Studio? Get in touch!

  • Services & Products

    Laser Lab Studio offers Services and Products to both individuals and businesses:

    - Hanging Signage

    - Mounted Signage

    - Modular Signage and Art

    - Table Top Signage

    - Table Top Displays

    - Tumbler Engraves (Yeti/Polar Camel etc.)

    - QR Code Signage 

    - Vacation Rental Signage 

    - Client & Employee Gifts

    - Tags; Key, Pet, Retail, Gift, Luggage

    - Branding + Personalization + Customization Services and Partnership Programs for Businesses

    - Prototyping Product Development and Production

    - Custom Projects

    - Collaborative Design Services to bring your ideas to fruition